Wise Charlie

Story: Charlie Munger has been a huge source of inspiration to me since I was a teenager. He is Warren Buffett's business partner at Berkshire Hathaway and famously known as one of the broadest thinkers. Munger coined the concept of mental models. Mental models are big ideas from big disciplines. When you collect models from lots of different fields–say psychology, literature, science, math, and so on–you will then be able to recognize lots of interesting connections. Models are reference points of understanding. Munger believes in collecting little packets of understanding for how things work, little models of the world. These mental models can help anyone ask the right questions by thinking critically. It is easy to pay homage to Charlie Munger’s latticework of mental models, but when you live it, you see why he is right. Knowing the key drivers and major ideas in a variety of fields is a huge source of leverage. It is difficult to study broadly and deeply, but the two aren't mutually exclusive. I wanted to create a central repository of these mental models which would explain them in a fun way.

Product: Wise Charlie is a collection of 100 mental model cards packaged in a beautiful and compact box. It is a pocket tool for a mind. Each model has fun artwork with a short definition followed by a funny example. I wanted the product to reflect humor because Charlie Munger in real life is hilarious.

Product packaging.

Artwork for mental model cards.

Example of a mental model.

Results: The project has been a challenge in many ways that I did not anticipate. Manufacturing a physical product is still harder than building a digital product. After successful prototyping and production, Wise Charlie is healthy and work in progress.

Instagram: @heywisecharlie

Website: www.wisecharlie.com